Like all academic institutions, FHST was adversely affected by the pandemic. Open, Welcome and Careers Events were no longer possible on site. The schools therefore turned to remote techniques such as webinar Q&As and virtual tours to fill the gaps.

Big Frank was brought in to help and immediately enhanced the virtual experience through the creation of event landing pages for every virtual event held at each of the three schools. The landing pages acted as a bespoke hub for virtual tours (also created by Big Frank), video content from the Heads, staff and existing pupils as well as links to offline content to give the best possible taste of the feel and culture of the schools. Registrants were emailed a link to the landing page one hour before the scheduled Q&A to give them time to explore the schools before asking questions of the head and key staff. Those who could not attend were emailed links to the landing pages and recordings of the Q&A. These are now also hosted on the schools’ websites.


The response to the virtual activity was beyond expectation. Registrants to the events increased 100% from on-site events and the increase in attendance from international prospective parents was particularly encouraging. As a result, the landing page model has now been adopted as part of the schools’ overall acquisition activity moving forward.

Tailored parallax page templates were created for each school within the Trust.

New video content was created for each school along with virtual tours and talking head footage.

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