From its foundation in 1999 through to the present day, Synergy has been a collaborative, people-based business. Founders Jack and Henry believed from day one that when people work together, great things happen.


However, like so many successful, fast-growing growing companies, resource was focused on sales and managing growth rather than building the brand. So, when Synergy’s newly formed EMEA division asked Big Frank to look at how the brand should be positioned and communicated internationally, our recommendations struck a chord with head office in the US as well as the European operation – and were adopted globally.

We re-focused the brand on its core values and recreated brand communicaton to reflect the global coverage that Synergy now offers business travellers. We introduced new typefaces, a new colour palette and evolved (rather than replaced) the iconography to retain a link to the company’s heritage, whilst reflecting Synergy’s ability to place travellers anywhere.  A new positioning line completed the transformation.


We put the customer at the heart of how the brand speaks and how the business sells.

Synergy is no longer just a serviced apartment company, it is an experience, it is the whole journey from day one.

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