urbanest is London’s leading student accommodation provider with eight properties in central London’s Zone 1 and two more in development. For Academic Year 2021/22, it was felt that a new approach was needed for their suite of marketing collateral.

Big Frank set to work creating a fresh look and feel that both reinforced urbanest’s brand position as London’s specialist PBSA provider, but that also built upon the unique personalities of each property.

Our creative idea emphasised that urbanest perfectly reflects the cultural and social variations of London itself. In this respect urbanest is London. We highlighted that each urbanest property is a destination in its own right and a reflection of the cultural hotspot in which it resides.

We conducted a practical review of how the collateral was being used by students and university accommodation offices and put sustainability at the heart of what we created – ensuring that everything was consistent with urbanest’s ESG guidelines.

We dispensed with the usual high production-value printed sales brochure and replaced with a cost-effective online version.

Individual ‘property packs’ were replaced with concise area/property overview leaflets on sustainable stock with QR codes leading readers to redesigned property landing pages on the urbanest website.

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